Summer Camp

Director’s Introduction to Summer 2019

Lots of people tell me, “When I pull into Camp Asbury’s entrance, I feel like I’ve come home again.”  Others tell me, “Camp Asbury is my home away from home;” or, “Camp Asbury is my spiritual home.”   Of course I like it when people say Camp Asbury feels like home, because that’s the way we hope people will feel.

What does it mean to say we feel “at home?” Home is a safe, secure, and happy place where we are all free to be who we really are, free to be the people God intends us to be.   Home is a place of contentment and belonging, where everything feels in balance and all creation works together in spite of how different from one another we are.

Birds have nests and foxes have holes and all kinds of other animals, plants and fungi make their home at Camp Asbury—some of them in specialized habitats. And for a week or maybe several weeks of the summer we too have the opportunity to make our home in this place. Camp is a place where we can learn what it truly means to feel at home. May we internalize this place and the experiences we have at camp and carry them in our hearts, minds and imaginations.

For summer 2019 our theme is “Welcome home!” You belong at Camp Asbury this summer and every summer. God’s home is our home. The Good News is that God is with us and loves us. We are not alone. Home is the assurance that nothing in space or time can separate us from the love of God.

Bill Graham, Camp Asbury director

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