Internships at Camp Asbury


A summer spent at Camp Asbury will help prepare you for any career path you choose. At camp, you’ll be given real responsibility for other people’s lives.  You’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact on your peers and the campers you serve.  You’ll learn to work through adverse situations and how to collaborate with those who are different than you.  Ultimately, you will be a leader and a role model to those around you.  There is no better place to gain skills that will make you better suited for any field of work! 


Camp Asbury accommodates students in the fields of education, media, marketing, communications, graphic design, photography, human resources, food services, hospitality, social work, nursing, biology, zoology, and much more. Ask us how camp will help you succeed in your major! 

Still not sure? 

An internship experience at Camp Asbury will provide you with a community of people who will help you grow and succeed throughout your life.  Be part of a network of staff alumni who are working in a variety of fields.  A multi-year commitment to camp will help you develop personal relationships with supervisors who can help advance your career opportunities later in life.  The relationships you will build with others will continue long after the summer has ended. 

How to get started! 

If you’re ready to say “yes” to an internship at Camp Asbury, talk with your academic adviser about your internship requirements.  Contact us with information about your internship, and we will work with you to provide an experience at camp that fits the guidelines you need to graduate!  

Contact: 330.569.3171

Address: 10776 Asbury Rd, Hiram, OH 44234