Financial Aid

What is Tiered Pricing?

Tiered Pricing is a personal pricing system that many summer camps across the country are now using. East Ohio Camps does careful cost analysis and works hard to keep fee increases to a minimum, while at the same time the costs to run a high-quality summer camp continue to increase.

East Ohio Camps knows and understands that families have different abilities to pay for a Christian camping experience, and that you know your family’s financial situation better than we do. This allows you to choose the rate that best fits your financial situation. The pricing option you choose remains confidential and in no way influences the experience your camper receives. Your camper receives the same quality camp experience no matter which rate you choose.

  • Tier 1 is the rate we are able to offer thanks to the contributions of the East Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church and other generous donors.
  • Tier 2 is a partially-supported rate for those who can pay more than the Tier 1 rate.
  • Tier 3 is a rate that more closely reflects the true cost of the camp experience.

What happens when you pay the Tier 2 or Tier 3 rate? You take an active role in supporting the true cost of their child’s camp experience, which enables us to redirect the contributions from our generous donors to support other areas of need in the camping ministry, including program, staffing and facility upgrades.

Financial Support

Please remember that in addition to these rates, additional financial assistance is available to ensure that all children have the opportunity to attend camp.

  • You can pay in multiple payments. Call the East Ohio Camps office at 1 (800) 831-3972 ext. 108 to arrange a payment plan that works for your family.
  • Take advantage of the sibling discount if more than one child from your family is attending camp. Contact the camp office at 1 (800) 831-3972 ext. 108 or email:
  • East Ohio Camps has Campership funds available. Contact Gary Jones at 1 (800) 831-3972 ext. 120 for an application or download HERE.
  • Your church may be able to help pay part of the cost. Check with your Camp Contact Person or your Pastor for details.
  • Your district may have Campership Funds available. Check with your District Office for details.