Summer 2020 Weekly Themes

The heart of Camp Asbury’s resident programming is the small group experience. Campers in overnight programs participate in camp-wide weekly theme evening activities as a way to add spice to their week of camp and unify the entire camp. Day Campers do not participate in weekly themes.

Week 1: June 14-19: Spy Week

Grab a magnifying glass and put on your thinking cap. Spy Week is back with a new mystery to be solved! Rumors of a secret treasure hidden in the woods of Camp Asbury will be revealed, and it’s up to you to find out where it is! Decipher coded messages and search for clues hidden around camp each day! Take on a secret mission with your camp group. Are you ready to unearth the secrets of Camp Asbury? Your mission, should you accept it, is…Operation Camp!

Week 2: June 21-26: Fun With Bigfoot

Bigfoot returns to Camp Asbury for a week of big fun! Experience all of your favorite activities at camp with Sasquatch and Yeti by your side! Hone your tracking skills with a Bigfoot hunt around camp! Practice your Bigfoot calls, and compete against Bigfoot in a night of big games! Learn the secrets of outdoor survival from the expert himself! Are you ready, Yeti?     

Week 3: June 28-July 3: Under the Big Top

Come one, come all to the Camp Asbury circus! Join us under the big top for wacky games and circus acts that can only be experienced this week at camp! Play a variety of carnival games and go for the big prize! Dress up in the finest clown outfit you can find for the photo booth! Witness the best circus acts this side of Asbury’s rolling hills! The popcorn is hot and the stage is set for an amazing week at camp!            

Week 4: July 5-10: Lunar Landing

Celebrate the night at Camp Asbury by the light of the full moon! Launch your own homemade rocket into the sky and peer into space through a telescope. Experience outer space in a new way with Asbury’s Astronaut games! Hang out under the stars for an outdoor movie night! Extended evening activities capture the wonder and beauty of night at Camp Asbury! It’s time for a stellar week of camp! Three, two, one, Lift Off!         

Week 5: July 12-17: The Olympic Games

The Summer Olympics are right around the corner, and Camp Asbury is ready to carry the torch! Introduce your camp group at the Opening Ceremonies, then let the games begin! Try your hand in Olympic sports like archery and canoeing! Participate in Camp Asbury’s own Pentathlon! Learn more about the games with our very own Battle of the Olympic Rings Tournament! By the end of the week, you’ll be at the top of the podium! The Camp Asbury 2020 Games are here, and it’s your turn to go for the gold!  

Week 6: July 19-24: Dig Deep

Get ready to dig deep and express yourself! This week is all about celebrating your creativity and sharing it with others. Drawing inspiration from our 2020 summer theme- “The Earth is the Lord’s,” you’ll learn to use the natural world around you to discover your own unique gifts and talents God has given you. During Check-in on Sunday, sign up for different breakout sessions each evening, led by Camp Asbury staff members. Through these sessions, you’ll explore music, art, poetry, photography, nature, and more!  Spend your week specializing in one creative outlet, or explore a variety of sessions throughout the week. Grow deeper in friendship and faith this week at Camp Asbury!       

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