We invite you to consider a financial gift to support the work of growing faith for campers like Colin, who consider Camp Asbury a second home. Colin’s first time at camp was the Friday after his birth. His baby blanket was crocheted together by each of the summer staff members working the year he was born. He grew up with Asbury as his backyard and the staff as his constantly growing extended family. His faith was formed and shaped in the hills of camp.

“In my time at Asbury, I’ve grown the most spiritually. I’ve just gotten closer to God, knowing more about Him,” Colin shared. As a freshman in high school, Colin faced new challenges he had not foreseen. His time at camp taught him how to make healthy friendships, a skill that got him through that difficult year in school.

Pat, Colin’s father, and a long-time year-round staff member at Asbury, holds a special place in his heart for Camp Asbury. “Our kids have grown up here, literally. It has always been a special place and a safe space. Asbury is woven into our lives in many ways. It has always been a second home.”  Colin’s parents, Pat and Kristina, are grateful for how Camp Asbury has helped shape him.

Colin sees his future with Asbury continuing for at least one more summer as a camper in the Journey On program before trying his hand in the CIT program. He can even see himself on staff one day. But he is in no hurry to wish away his camper days, seeing the value in his remaining time as a camper. “Journey On is probably the best experience I’ve had here. I’ve met a lot of friends, and the activities are great. It just means something special to me. It’s hard to put into words.”

As we prepare for the summer, campers like Colin and families like his are on our minds and hearts. We are working hard to ensure that we can continue to create an environment where every camper and family feels like Camp Asbury is a second home and where they can plant their spiritual foundation. We invite you to support this valuable Kingdom work with a generous gift of $25, $100, $250, $500, or even $1000 or more to Camp Asbury. Thank you for sustaining and strengthening our work of transforming the lives of future campers by helping us be a natural place for God to find us.

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