It’s been a year since COVID-19 has disrupted the routines and relationships of our lives. At Camp Asbury we miss you–the people we long to welcome and serve. In this extended “pause” we have focused on maintaining relationships and doing the things for which we would not otherwise have time. The parable of the talents is an apt descriptive metaphor. While our house was empty, we’ve used our resources wisely, along with the unexpected gift of time, to strengthen Camp Asbury’s future ministry. Thanks to a wonderfully adaptive, resourceful, and dedicated staff, who have stepped above and beyond their normal roles and taken on projects, big and small, to improve Asbury’s facilities. Thanks also to staff who have made the sacrifice to temporarily step aside until guests return. Friends, as the light appears at the end of the tunnel, we enthusiastically anticipate your return!

In the past year Camp Asbury has:

1. Constructed a new power pole on the high ropes challenge course.
2. Installed new handwashing and drinking facilities in Asbury dining hall.
3. Constructed a new trust-fall with the help of volunteers.
4. Added new low ropes elements on Asbury’s “initiative trail.”
5. Completed a selective conservation harvest of standing timber on 62 acres.
6. Rejuvenated the paint, wallboard and floors in Otterbein Retreat Center.
7. Purchased new convection ovens for Asbury Lodge kitchen.
8. Modernized the exterior structure, siding, windows and lighting on three sides of Asbury Lodge.
9. Reupholstered 186 chairs—and counting.
10. Installed a new hot water system in Otterbein Retreat Center.
11. Begun construction on Asbury Art Center.
12. Built new bog bridges on trail to Giant Swing (Buckeye Trail).