Sean would describe himself as an introvert. Throughout his time in school, he kept a few close friends, but found that he didn’t have much in common with most of his classmates, so he stuck to himself. Sean was happy to stay at home and play video games or draw, two of his favorite hobbies. And he will be the first to admit that he is not an “outdoorsy” person, and he was content with his lifestyle.  

But from the time he was a kindergartner, Sean always did one thing that was out of his comfort zone- he came to summer camp. Sean remembers some of his first summers as an overnight camper. “I didn’t like sleeping in cabins, or especially camping in tents. I wasn’t used to all the walking we did at camp, and I always tended to be in the back of the line when moving from activity to activity. And meeting new people was definitely out of my comfort zone, because I have a lot of trouble talking to others and being myself.” Camp was not the world that Sean was used to. 

But he continued to come back each summer, and surprisingly, the thing that Sean loved most about camp, were the people. The counselors were welcoming and spent time getting to know him, and the activities at camp allowed him to make real connections with his fellow campers. “I always felt like I could be myself at camp and relate to other people. I found people who had the same nerdy interests as me, and I wasn’t afraid to share who I was. There are only a couple of places where I’m comfortable to talk to other people and not be afraid, and one of those places is camp.” Sean felt so accepted at camp, that when the time came for him to look for his first job, he joined the Asbury kitchen staff. 

Today Sean can be found behind the serving counter asking guests and campers how they’re doing, cracking jokes, and playing an important role in the Asbury community. Sean is on the cusp of graduating from high school, and as he considers a career in computer science or graphic design, he reflects on the lessons that camp provided him. “If I learned anything at camp, it was what a good community looks like and the part I play in that community. Camp taught me how to set a good example for others. I want to be the person that other people look at and say, ‘I want to be like him.’”