During this Season of Giving, your generosity to Camp Asbury will help others like Leslie, who built leadership skills at camp and heard her call to serve children in God’s community as a teacher.

Leslie was in fifth grade when she first experienced a week of summer camp at Asbury. Since then, she’s never missed a summer. While she has always been confident in her career path as a teacher, it was strengthened by her time at camp. Camp has many connections to education and serving children through modeling and mentoring. “During a diversity training, we looked at child developmental assets. There are so many ties between my career and what we do at camp. There are so many things we can do to help children have a better life and to prevent them from going down the wrong roads. My first exposure to children who needed more stable figures in their lives came from the diversity of the campers I served as a counselor.”

Today, Leslie serves in the Akron School System. “I am called to provide support and stability to children who might not otherwise have it. I want to foster an environment of love and acceptance in a judgment-free zone. Camp helped me grow that side of myself. Camp is also a place where I learned the importance of having fun at any age and creating space for children to be children.” Leslie comes back every summer to serve at Camp Asbury in some capacity. She has been a camper, counselor, In-Post Director, and Ropes Director. “At this point, this is how I spend my summers. I love camp. I do not care what needs to be done, I am happy to help if it means I get to be here.”

During this Season of Giving, we invite you to make a generous gift of $25, $100, $250, $500, or even $1000 or more to Camp Asbury to support our ongoing work of making camp accessible for campers who need stable figures like Leslie in their lives. Thank you for sustaining and strengthening our work of transforming the lives of future campers in God’s amazing outdoors.

The link to give is https://eastohiocamps.campbraingiving.com/