Ryan Moomaw is nearing the end of his college endeavor of working towards a degree in environmental science. Naturally, he wanted to put himself in a position to practice what he was learning in order to better prepare himself for his after-college pursuits. He decided to apply for and successfully secured a spot as Camp Asbury’s Naturalist, a role requiring an individual to be knowledgeable about the plants, animals, and resources around them. However, this was not Ryan’s first experience with Camp Asbury. “I wouldn’t be working here if I didn’t have such amazing experiences here as a camper.”

Ryan has been affiliated with Camp Asbury for just around twelve years now. Growing up, his mother attended a neighboring East Ohio Camp and wanted the same experience for her son. In 2011, Ryan was signed up and packed up – ready to go for a summer experience that would leave a lasting impression on him. Ryan talked a lot about playing in the woods around his house but stressed nothing compared to his experiences with nature here at Camp Asbury. “Coming to camp here fostered my love for nature; I knew I loved nature, but coming here really solidified that,” Ryan gleamed.

He spoke highly of all he encountered here at camp, but one person really stood out as profoundly affecting him. This person was Bill Graham, who was Camp Asbury’s Director for almost twenty-four years circa 2021. “You can feel his love for this place just talking to him. You could sit down and have just one single meal with him and truly get a sense for how much he loves this place. That rubs off on you. His love of nature is one of the biggest reasons I am pursuing this field of work. I felt it as a camper, and I feel it now. He taught me the importance of nature and how to appreciate it. “

Camp Asbury has provided a home for learning that goes beyond your typical classroom. “Really, a lot of people say it, but it feels like a second home – or another home. We are just like animals – we like to return to places that are safe and comfortable and Camp Asbury is one of those places for me. I have grown comfortable with myself and others and learned how to be my genuine self.”

Your generosity to Camp Asbury makes it possible for us to offer experiences that foster love of God and nature. Thank you for your support of this ministry we share.