Bring your team, club, organization or company to Camp Asbury for a weekend of community building!

Low Ropes

Camp Asbury's Low Ropes Course is comprised of over 13 different elements designed to challenge your group to problem solve, work together, communicate, and grow closer. Walk across cables, trust fall into the arms of your teammates, and discuss the ways your group can perform at it's best! Asbury's trained staff leads your group to success!

High Ropes

Challenge yourself on Camp Asbury's High Ropes Course. With 16 different elements to choose from, learn to trust your group members and yourself as you climb to new heights. Camp Asbury's trained staff provide a safe and unforgettable experience in the tree tops of our forests.

Giant Swing

Put your trust in your group as they pull you up 40 feet into the air, and then whoosh! Enjoy the ride of a lifetime with your partner! Camp Asbury's trained staff will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and cheer on your group at the Giant Swing. It's the ultimate team building event!

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