A Taste of Camp at Home

A collection of resources for Camp-at-Home activities for campers and their families during the Summer 2020 season!  

Are you finding ways to bring Camp Asbury into your home? If so, we want to know how! Send a photo to sammi@campasbury.org of ways that you are connecting with Camp Asbury this summer! Whether your trying one of the activities you found on our website, going for a hike in the woods, singing a camp song in the car, or wearing your favorite camp shirt around the house…there’s no wrong way to bring camp home! At the end of the summer, we will share all the ways our campers and staff have found a Taste of Camp at Home!

Pie Iron Cooking

Pie Irons are a favorite campfire meal at Camp Asbury..now you can learn how to make your own! All you need is a pie iron and bed of hot coals! Watch our video HERE to learn how to cook with a pie iron, or view a printable instruction page HERE.

Poison Ivy- Tips to Avoid while Hiking

Check out these fun facts about Poison Ivy so that you learn how to avoid the plant while your out on your next hike!

Red Efts

Right after a rainfall is the perfect time to head outdoors for a hike and seach for red efts! These little critters can be found on the forest floor, where they spend their days searching for food before eventually finding a pond to transform into an adult newt! Read some more interesting facts about red efts HERE!

Camp Asbury Fireworks

Find out how to make your own Asbury fireworks at home to celebrate the 4th of July in camp-style! Watch the video HERE!

Foil Dinners

Another classic campfire meal to try at home with your family! Just a bed of coals and a few simple ingredients are all you need to try out this delicious camp favorite! Check out the video HERE or view the pdf instructions HERE!

Discovery Hike Bingo

Mix up your next hike with a game of Bingo! Be the first person on the hike to get a bingo, or try to fill up the whole card! Find your printable Discovery Bingo cards HERE!