Living with “awareness” is the heart of spirituality. Often when people first drive into Camp Asbury they remark, “This place is so beautiful.” Whether you’re a retreat guest or a summer camper, if you spend time at Camp Asbury, you’ll find that you develop an increasing awareness of beauty all around you: beautiful early mornings, a beautiful sunset, a beautiful night sky, a beautiful wildflower or beautiful autumn color. Beauty is more than a visual experience. At Asbury you’ll discover the beauty of living and working with others, you’ll discover inner beauty (in others and in yourself), you’ll discover the beauty of walking in the woods in every season. Awareness of beauty is not sight-dependent, it may reveal itself in sound, reason, emotion, touch or smell! Awareness of beauty and the sensibility to recognize it may lead to a deeper awareness of the divine in all things.

Winter discloses its own beauty when we have “eyes” to see. The recent January 2018 cold snaps revealed beauty at Camp Asbury that speaks for itself.